Welcome to, the private practice for doctor, M.D. Dr. is a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of adult psychiatric conditions.

Dr. has extensive experience in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy and is committed to providing compassionate, top-quality mental health care that is customized to meet each of her patient’s individual needs.

In addition to her private practice devoted to serving the mental health care needs of Manhattan and the greater New York area, Our doctor is on staff at Jersey City Medical Center in Jersey City, NJ where she treats patients in a wide array of settings ranging from the psychiatric crisis center to the outpatient clinics. She also provides psychiatric consultation services to the surgical and medical units within the hospital.

There can be different problems in the family and if your problem is connected with physical state you need to be very careful, because suffering assault and bashing can lead to serious mental problems. That is why do not wait and apply for assault lawyers in Toronto for professional legal help immediately and contact us to get competent psychological support that you need. • 264 Lexington Ave • New York, NY • 10014 • 347.559.0589

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